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Synchronized Multimedia Integration Accent (SMIL) is a World Wide Web Consortium adaptable markup accent (XML) that enables assembly of alternate audiovisual presentations. SMIL is about acclimated for multimedia presentations which accommodate alive audio and video with images, argument or any added blazon of media including animations, beheld transitions, and metadata such as subtitles and bankrupt captioning..SMIL is an easy-to-learn HTML-like language, and abounding SMIL presentations are accounting application a simple argument editor.SMIL allows the columnist to present media items such as text, images, video, audio, links to added SMIL presentations, and files from assorted web servers, acceptance for acceptable book administration for uses such as editing, archiving and transcription. SMIL markup is accounting in XML and has similarities to HTML. SMIL files frequently yield the.smil book addendum as added programs allotment the.smi extension.

Authoring and apprehension accoutrement for SMIL cover RealSlideshow Basic by RealNetworks, GoLive6 by Adobe and TransTool, an open-source archetype tool. SMIL players cover Adobe Media Player, QuickTime Player, RealPlayer and Windows Media Player. SMIL presentations can be accessed via a computer’s browser with the use of a plug-in.Some browsers, including Mozilla, are accumulation SMIL and added XML-related technologies into their browsers. SMIL is aswell able to admission scalable agent cartoon (SVG) animation. SMIL can be acclimated on handheld and adaptable accessories and has aswell engendered the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), a video and account agnate of Short Message Service (SMS). SMIL is aswell one of the basal technologies acclimated by HD-DVD for avant-garde interactivity. The internet video website Hulu uses SMIL as allotment of its media-playing technology.SMIL abstracts are agnate in anatomy to HTML abstracts in that they are about disconnected amid a appropriate physique section, which contains timing information, and an alternative arch area which contains blueprint and metadata information. SMIL refers to media altar by URLs,, acceptance them to be aggregate amid presentations and stored on altered servers for amount balancing. The accent can aswell accessory altered media altar with altered bandwidth requirements.

SMIL can be acclimated as a Software or playlist attached consecutive pieces of multimedia calm which can again be amalgamated through RSS or Atom. In addition, the aggregate of multimedia-laden.smil files with RSS or Atom alliance is advantageous for accessibility to audio-enabled podcasts by the hard-of-hearing through Timed Argument bankrupt captions, and can aswell about-face multimedia into hypermedia that can be hyperlinked to added linkable audio and video multimedia.